Filipino Specialities


Filipino food encompasses a vast array of flavours which are influenced by the country’s various regions and history (notably Spanish and Chinese). Don’t leave the Philippines without getting a taste of these local eats.


The Philippines’ most famous dish is made with chicken or pork stewed with oil, soy sauce, vinegar, black pepper and garlic


Tomato-based chicken or pork stew cooked with potatoes, carrots, green peas and bell peppers


Pork belly boiled, then deep-fried twice


Boiled semi-developed duck embryo eaten from the shell

Beef kaldereta

Tomato-based and liver paste beef stew cooked with carrots, bell peppers, potatoes and onions.


Baked coconut rice cake made with rice flour, glutinous rice flour, coconut milk, margarine/butter, eggs and sugar


Boiled white corn kernels topped with grated coconut

Bistek tagalog

Pan-fried thin beef slices marinated with soy sauce and calamansi, and topped with caramelised onions

Buko pie

Coconut custard pie


Soup made with beef shanks, bone marrow, cabbage, corn, carrot, potato and other vegetables

The hearty Bulalo stew made from beef shanks and marrow bones is a must-eat for beef lovers
Photo: Hannah Reyes


Chocolate rice porridge

Chicharon bulaklak

Deep-fried pig messentery served with vinegar on the side

Chicken inasal

Chicken marinated in a mixture of calamansi, orange, lime, pepper, vinegar and annatto, then grilled over hot coals

Crispy pata

Deep-fried pig trotters or knuckles served with soy-vinegar sauce


Pork and/or pork offal simmered in pig’s blood, garlic, chilli and vinegar and served with puto or rice cakes

Filipino tamales

Ground rice and coconut milk topped with chicken, ham/pork, nuts and eggs, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed or boiled

Ginataang gulay

Pork, shrimp and vegetable stew cooked in coconut milk


Shaved ice drizzled with evaporated milk, layered with red beans, coconut gel, purple yam, flan, candied fruits and a scoop of ice cream


Pork stewed with banana blossoms, fermented/salted black beans, soy sauce, brown sugar, black pepper, bay leaves, vinegar, pineapple juiceook.

Ilocos empanada

Deep-fried pastry with orange-hued rice flour dough filled with sweet or savoury fillings


Grilled seafood or meat served with rice and soy sauce, lime and chilli


Barbecued pig or chicken intestines


Thick stew made with oxtail, vegetables and a peanut sauce


Raw fish or shrimp slices marinated in vinegar, lime, onions and chilli


Whole roasted pig


Beef stew cooked with pork fat, tomato sauce, onions, carrots and potatoes

Pako salad

Salad of fiddlehad ferns, tomatoes, onions and salted egg/hard boiled egg


Thin glass noodles coated in thick shrimp sauce, topped with hard-boiled egg, fried pork rind, shrimp and squid

Pancit guisado

Rice noodles with shredded chicken, shrimp and vegetables

Pancit palabok

Noodles with thick shrimp sauce topped with minced pork, crushed chicharon/pork rinds, fried garlic, tinapa/smoked fish flakes, green onions and sliced egg

Sans rival

Layered cake made with buttercream, meringue, eggs and chopped cashews


Sour soup cooked with pork, shrimp or fish, vegetables and tamarind


Pig’s head, cheeks or ears chopped and boiled, and tossed with cooked chicken liver, diced onions, chili peppers and calamansi juice, served on a sizzling pan, often topped with a raw egg


Cured beef or tapa, garlic fried rice and fried egg


Fried banana and jackfruit rolls