5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia


Known as the Jewel of Kedah, Langkawi is made up of a collection of 99 tropical islands lying off the northwestern coast of Peninsular Malaysia. In 2007, Langkawi was awarded UNESCO Global Geopark status, the first Global Geopark in Southeast Asia, for its geological heritage of stunning landscapes, karsts, caves, sea-arches, stacks, glacial dropstones and fossils.

With its white-sand beaches, jungle-covered mountains, beach resorts and family-friendly attractions, Langkawi offers the perfect blend of nature, adventure and relaxation for family getaways.

From thrilling cable car rides to rainforest retreats, we highlight five best things to do with your family in Langkawi.

1. Soak up breathtaking views from the SkyCab and SkyBridge

Open daily from 9.30am to 6pm
Admission: SkyBridge – RM6 adult, RM4 child; SkyCab – RM33 to RM135.00 (packages are available)

Any visit to Langkawi should include a ride on the SkyCab (Cable Car) up to the SkyBridge. Each SkyCab gondola can accommodate up to six persons and you can opt for a glass-bottom gondola for a more immersive experience.

Start your journey at the Base Station, located at the foothills of Mount Machinchang, and prepare for a scenic cable car ride offering views of local flora and fauna. The route travels over ancient jungle and rock formations located in one of the oldest parts of Southeast Asia, making it a truly unforgettable experience.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Soak up breathtaking views from the SkyCab and SkyBridge

Photo: @langkawiskycab / Instagram

One thousand seven hundred metres later, your next stop will be the Intermediate Cable Car Station (Middle Station) located along the eastern ridges of Mount Machinchang. Situated 650 metres above sea level, enjoy panoramic 360-degree views of Langkawi’s eastern cliffs, vertical chimneys and surrounding islands. There are even opportunities for a close observation of unique flora – perfect for introducing the little ones to the natural world’s beauty!

Finally, about 15 minutes after departing Base Station, you’ll reach Top Station, located 708 metres above sea level. Two viewing platforms provide dramatic views of Langkawi, Southern Thailand, rock peaks, deep chasms, cliff walls and pinnacles.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Soak up breathtaking views from the SkyCab and SkyBridge

Photo: @ngseksan / Instagram

Top Station is also where you can purchase tickets for the famed SkyBridge. At 125 metres long, the SkyBridge is one of the world’s longest curve suspension bridges. From atop this lofty attraction, enjoy stunning views of rolling green hills as well as breathtaking blue sea views in the distance.

2. Explore Oriental Village

Open daily from 8.30am to 6pm
Free admission

Once you’ve landed on the SkyCab’s Base Station, it’s time to pay a visit to the nearby Oriental Village. Nestled in the foothills of Machinchang Cambrian Geoforest Park on Langkawi’s west coast, Oriental Village offers plenty of Instagrammable spots to capture memorable moments.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Explore Oriental Village
Photo: @sunnatgirl / Instagram

A day trip here is highly recommended to experience all of the Oriental Village’s diverse offerings and scenic beauty at a leisurely pace. Check out its open-air complex bustling with a variety of quirky stalls, retail stores and restaurant; its unique attractions including a spa with Thai massage services; its animal farm and 3D Art Museum.

Foodies can savour Malaysian dishes such as nasi lemak, chicken rice and nasi campur at the Oriental Village’s numerous dining spots which include a food court.

3. Be mesmerised by marine life at Underwater World Langkawi

Open daily from 10am to 6pm (during school holidays & public holidays – open from 9.30am to 6.30pm)
Admission: RM62 adult; RM50 child (aged 3 to 12); RM39 senior citizen (aged 60 & above) with MyKad

Spanning nearly 6 acres, Underwater World Langkawi is one of Malaysia’s largest aquariums housing around 4,000 aquatic species and offering a comprehensive look at Langkawi’s marine biodiversity.

Embark on an educational journey through diverse aquatic ecosystems where you’ll learn about the unique characteristics and habitats of various marine and freshwater species.

Go from the Preview Tank featuring the Arapaima, the world’s largest freshwater fish, to the River Ecosystem showcasing freshwater fishes from around the world. In addition to the Tropical Garfish, Red Tailed Catfish and other aquatic wonders, keep an eye out for unique reptiles like the Leopard Gecko and Indonesian Blue Tongued Skink.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Be mesmerised by marine life at Underwater World Langkawi
Photo: @tntflo / Instagram

Experience what it’s like being in a tropical rainforest at Tropical Rainforest, a walk-through aviary where Flamingos, Ruddy Shelduck, Pheasants and free-flying birds like Cockatoos and Macaws call home, alongside the Knifefish, Giant Gourami and Marmoset. Housing species like Clown Fish, Damsels and Wrasse, the Coral Reef Section features an underwater coral garden that provides a glimpse of the intricate symbiotic relationships amongst inhabitants of the coral reefs.

Over at the Temperate Section, see South American fur seals and African penguins in a naturalistic habitat, complete with an 8-metre-long viewing tunnel. Spot dangerous yet fascinating marine creatures like Murray Eels and Lionfish, known for their needle sharp teeth and spiny fins, at the Venomous & Poisonous Section.

Be sure to go through the 15-metre-long tunnel, where close encounters with Sharks, Giant Stingrays, Groupers and Green Turtles await! There’s also the Penguinarium, a dedicated space with a nifty tunnel where you can watch the cute penguins swim.

4. Retreat in a cabin within a tranquil forest

For those seeking a serene island weekend getaway or quality family time amidst nature, Langkawi offers unique nature retreats, designed for tranquillity and relaxation. Staying at a nature resort lets you connect with nature while enjoying modern comforts and amenities.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Retreat in a cabin within a tranquil forest
Ambong Rainforest Retreat
Photo: @ambongrainforestretreat / Instagram

Wellness retreats to consider include Ambong Rainforest Retreat, a boutique hilltop rainforest resort located along Langkawi’s Pantai Tengah stretch and its sister resort Ambong Pool Villas, nestled in the rainforest overlooking the Andaman Sea. Both resorts share common access to two restaurants, a rooftop bar and a holistic spa facility with a yoga and meditation pavilion and an outdoor pool.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Retreat in a cabin within a tranquil forest
Ambong Pool Villas
Photo: @ambongpoolvillas / Instagram

There’s also Village 19 Retreat Langkawi, situated in a former coconut grove in Kampung Sungai Cenang. Comprising seven quaint houses amidst lush greenery, palm trees and local wildlife, the facilities here include a relaxing pool area, a well-stocked library and yoga classes. You can also rent a bike or book a guided tour to explore Langkawi’s attractions and soak up the archipelago’s beauty.

5. Enjoy thrills and spills at Splash Out

Open from 11am to 7pm Thursday to Monday (closed on Tuesday & Wednesdays except on public holidays and school holidays)
Admission: RM50 adult; RM35 child & senior citizen (aged 60 and above)

Splash Out is Langkawi’s renowned water theme park, perfect for families and anyone seeking fun-filled aquatic adventures. From thrilling water slides to relaxing wave pools, the park features an array of rides and attractions catering to all ages.

The park’s design and attractions are inspired by historical explorers and marine voyagers, adding to its charm and allure.

5 Family-Friendly Things To Do In Langkawi, Malaysia - Enjoy thrills and spills at Splash Out
Photo: @splashoutlangkawi_waterpark / Instagram

Key attractions to check out include the Wild Water 6-foot wave pool which is great for chilling out and splashing around; Sprinkle Island, a gigantic water sprinkler area designed especially for kids; and River of Life, where you can enjoy a serene floating experience on calm waters.

But if it’s adrenaline rushes you’re after, Splash Out has tonnes of thrilling rides and water slides that you can look forward to! The high-speed Ragin’ Racers water slides reach up to 50 kilometres per hour, ending with a splash. Poseidon’s Revenge is another intergalactic-themed slide featuring uphill hydro jets and a breathtaking plunge into a visually stimulating black hole.

There’s also Splash-Tacular, an adrenaline-pumping slide with hydro jets, creating an exhilarating uphill journey followed by a rapid descent; and Perfect Storm, a 40-degree bowl-shaped raft ride with a twisting kaleidoscope effect, culminating in a splashy ground landing. Hardcore thrill seekers will love Shipwreck Falls, an extreme slide with steep drops, vertical climbs, and reverse motion, leading to a splash pool!

After all the water activities, recharge and refuel at one of the various dining options throughout the water park. Seafarers Heaven is a food court concept offering a mix of Asian, Indian, Arabic cuisines and fast food options. There are also restaurants like Straits Kitchen, Surf & Turf and Splash Burger offering a variety of eats.

*This article has been edited and adapted from Now Boarding by Changi Airport’s “5 family-friendly things to do in Langkawi, Malaysia