Burmese Specialities


Burmese cuisine features lots of sour and salty flavours, with many dishes bearing influences from Thai, Indian and Chinese cuisines. Don’t leave Myanmar without getting a taste of these flavourful traditional dishes.

Bein mont

Rice flour pancake topped with nuts and seeds

Photo: Asia Precious Junctions Travels Facebook

Burmese briyani

Burmese curry

Burmese paratha with sweet pea pyote

Pan-fried flatbread served with sweet bean paste

Burmese thali

An assortment of rice, curries, vegetables, soups and chutneys


Steamed banana-leaf parcels of rice, onion, leek and cabbage

Hsa nwin ma kin

Small cakes made with semolina flour, coconut milk, ghee/butter and raisins

Karyanchintheet thoke

Tomato salad


Burmese rice noodles with masala spices and lemon juice

Kyay oh

Dry or soup rice noodles with meat balls or seafood

Laphet thoke

One of Myanmar’s most famous dishes, this salad comprises fermented tea leaves (laphet) mixed with cabbage, tomatoes, deep-fried beans, nuts, dried shrimp and peas, and tossed with garlic oil, chili slices and garlic.

Photo: Wagaung/Wikimedia Commons


Rice noodles with pork, vegetables and soup


Mohinga is considered by many to be Myanmar’s national dish
Photo: Myo Satt/The Myanmar Times

A rice noodle dish served in a fish-based broth, mohinga is regarded as the national dish of Myanmar

Moun pyit thalet

Burmese-style pancakes

Myae oh myee shae

Claypot noodles

Myin kwa yuet thoke

Pennywort salad

Nangyi thoke

The Burmese version of spaghetti, this rice noodle salad is made up of thick round rice noodles tossed in curry chicken gravy, mixed with chicken, fish cake, bean sprouts, hard-boiled eggs, onions, coriander, cabbage, chilli oil and crispy fritters, served with lime wedges and toasted chickpea flour.

Photo: Facebook/The Burman Kitchen

Nga htamin

Shan-style turmeric rice topped with fish


Fermented fish or shrimp paste

Ohn no khao swe

Egg noodles in a coconut-based chicken curry soup

Pone yay gyi

Pork curry

Shan-style noodles

Rice noodles in clear peppery broth with chicken or pork, sprinkled with toasted sesame and garlic oil, served with pickled vegetables on the side

Shan tofu

Soy-free tofu made with chickpea flour

Shwe yin aye

Dessert of rice flour jelly, sticky rice, sago, bread crusts in coconut milk/cream