7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport


Tantalise your tastebuds with an eclectic new mix of F&B offerings at Jewel Changi Airport. From hot local favourites to international delights, there’s bound to be something for everyone and for every special occasion.


The Hainan Story Chapter 2


Come here for Hainanese favourites such as Newspaper Curry Rice (from $10.50), Wee Nam Kee Chicken Rice (from $6.50) and Uncle Robert Western & BBQ (from $13.80). Reminisce the taste of yesteryear with its traditional dishes or try those with a modern twist. The bakery also offers freshly baked goods such as Swiss Rolls (from $12.70) and Ondeh Ondeh Cookies ($18.20), with Cream Horns and traditional cakes as new additions.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport -The Hainan Story
Savour a mix of Singaporean and Hainanese specialties under one roof at The Hainan Story
Photo: The Hainan Story

Novel to the Jewel outlet are two new brands – 218 Hainanese Lor Mee (from $14.80) and Ah Mai Kum Hainanese Chicken Rice Porridge (from $11.80). Also new on the menu are classic English Pot Pies prepared with a Hainanese twist. Tear into the crown of flaky puff pastry and indulge in Hainanese curry chicken ($13.80) or warm your stomach with the Traditional Oxtail Pot Pie ($17.80). To try everything on the menu, bring the whole family or dine with a large group of friends.

The Original Vadai


The Original Vadai has its roots in Geylang Serai’s Ramadan Bazaar from more than 30 years ago. A family-owned business started by Mdm Jumana Rani, the business is now run by her son, Mr Suriyah, who has expanded the store further. They hand down their recipes from generation to generation, preserving the taste of local heritage cuisine.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport -The original vadai
Photo: The Original Vadai

Munch on its popular Prawn Vadai ($1.50), or sink your teeth into interesting flavours such as Ikan Billis ($1.50), Onion ($1.20), Cheese and Chocolate ($6).



Run by Genevieve Lee, runner-up of the first season of MasterChef Singapore, Sourbombe found success from its online business and is set to open its second outlet in Jewel in August.

Sourbombe experiments and pushes the boundaries of traditional Bomboloni to create the ultimate treat. It is an innovative mashup of sourdough and Italian Bomboloni (“Bomb”-shaped doughnuts stuffed with pastry cream) with an artisanal twist. Gourmet flavours include Kahlúa Coffee Pistachio ($5.60), Lavender Lime Mascarpone ($4.80) and Basque Burnt Cheesecake ($5.60). A signature box of nine goes for $44.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport -Sourbombe
Every bite of the light, fluffy Sourbombe releases an explosion of imaginative flavours and textures, combined in perfect harmony
Photo: Sourbombe

Exciting new items on the menu exclusive to its Jewel outlet include Sourdough Waffles (with soft serve), Flavoured Homemade Ice Cream Sourdough Cones (with soft serve), Soft Serve on Bombe, and Sourdough Dipping Bowls with Scrambled Eggs, Guacamole and Burrata. Savour these lovely treats at Jewel or take them to a dinner party, where it is guaranteed to be gone in minutes!


Fong Shen Hao


Hailing from a small outfit near Shilin MRT station in Taipei, Fong Sheng Hao has expanded beyond its borders to land on Singapore’s shores. Its milk-infused toasted bread is baked daily using premium New Zealand butter and toasted over charcoal fire before serving.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport -Fong Sheng Hao
Get a taste of Taiwan with these toasts packed full of flavour
Photo: Fong Sheng Hao

Savoury toasts such as Pork and Egg Cheese ($6.60) or the flavourful Braised Pork Rice ($7.90) pair well with its Signature Milk Tea ($3.90) anytime of the day.

Kei Kaisendon


Kei Kaisendon specialises in rice bowls with fresh sashimi air-flown directly from Japan. Each dish is specially designed with the right blend of fish, toppings and seasoning.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport - Kei Kaisendon
Seafood lovers can now savour delicious rice bowls topped with fresh seafood from the seas of Japan at Kei Kaisendon
Photo: Kei Kaisendon

It is known for concocting four unique ways of savouring its kaisendon ($12.90 to $26.90) – eating it on its own, mixing it with chilli powder and mayonnaise, blending it with its special Sakurai Chicken Soup, or wrapping the sashimi with special cut nori seaweed.



SUKIYA is Japan’s top Gyudon chain from Yokohama offering affordable gyudon paired with side dishes ($1.20 to $20). You can customise your gyudon with a variety of toppings such as kimchi or cheese! It also has beef yakiniku bowl ($6.90), Japanese curry ($5.90) and karaage bowl ($6.90) on its menu.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport - Sukiya
Check out Japan’s number one Gyudon chain right here at Jewel Changi Airport and discover its not-to-be-missed signature dishes!



Sushiro has an array of over 100 types of sushi and Japanese dishes, served up on a conveyor belt. Two special items have been specially created to commemorate the opening of the Jewel outlet. The Captain Jumbo Fried Shrimp ($9.90), served with tartar sauce on the side, is the chef’s creative spin on an aeroplane and is sure to be a hit among the kids.

7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport - Sushiro
Kids will love Sushiro’s aeroplane-themed Captain Jumbo Fried Shrimp which is created specially for the Jewel outlet
Photo: Sushiro

For an indulgent treat, go for Jewels from the Sea ($4.90), an umami-packed morsel of fresh seafood comprising opulent ingredients such as abalone, scallop, ikura (salmon roe) and matumaezuke (seasoned herring roe and kombu mix).

This article is adapted from Now Boarding by Changi Airport’s 7 New F&B Spots to Check Out at Jewel Changi Airport