See What The Animals Have Been Up To At Wildlife Reserves Singapore Parks


Even though the doors are closed to visitors, Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s four parks – Jurong Bird Park, Night Safari, River Safari and Singapore Zoo – are teeming with life, thanks to the parks’ dedicated and committed animal care teams and wildlife experts.

Have you ever wondered if caring for birds is any different from caring for mammals? Keep your eyes on Jurong Bird Park’s Junior Keeper Aaarti and let her take you into the wacky and colourful world of feathered friends at the Park.

See the animals enjoying their breakfast of nutritious fruit bites and healthy pellets at River Safari’s Squirrel Monkey Forest.

Watch two goats at Singapore Zoo on their outing with their keepers where they explored new territories and picked up new scents to keep them physically and mentally active.

Check out a day in the life of Singapore Zoo’s vet, Dr Yirui, and let him show you how life goes on for the team and the animals.

Singapore Zoo turned 47 two days ago on Saturday, 27 June. Check out the birthday wishes of the keepers and the animals for the place they call home.

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