4 Food Tours To Check Out At First-Ever Hawker Day Out


Hawker foods are well loved in Singapore but not many people may know about the country’s hawker culture, the origins of their favourite hawker dishes or anything about the hawkers who prepare the food day in, day out.

To learn more about Singapore’s hawker culture, hear inspiring tales of your favourite stalls and more, attend the first Hawker Day Out, organised by Chinatown Complex Hawkers’ Association together with EatShopPlay which promotes hawker culture.

Happening over two weekends29 & 30 August and 5 & 6 September – from 9am to 6pm, Hawker Day Out will be held at Chinatown Complex & Food Centre, Singapore’s largest hawker centre which houses 226 food stalls.


Discover the stories, passion and grit of local hawker heroes at four food tours curated by tour operator Tribe. There will be opportunities for you to interact with the hawkers and hear their heartwarming stories.

• Old School Snacks

$25 per person
29 August, 5 September, 9am to 10am
Includes snack bundle (worth $18) + $16 and $20 Chinatown Complex & Food Centre and Sundries voucher

Find out how sachima, a crispy snack covered in syrup, is made and how it got its name
Photo: Facebook/hawkerdayout

Discover intriguing facts about the childhood snacks you loved to munch on. Find out if ear biscuit is really made from pig’s ear and how sachima (which translates as “kill the riding horse”) got its name. Did you also know that carrot cake has a stick version?

• Iconic Breakfast

$25 per person
30 August, 6 September, 9am to 10am
Includes breakfast (worth $13) + $16 and $20 Chinatown Complex & Food Centre and Sundries voucher

Chee cheong fun is one of the most popular breakfast foods in Singapore
Photo: Cmglee/Wikimedia Commons

Game for some pork intestine noodle for breakfast? If not, go for the meat-free chee cheong fan. Find out if there are any Muslim food stalls in Chinatown Complex & Food Centre and discover how the traditional sock-pulled coffee brewing method has evolved over the years.

• Canton Feast

$25 per person
29 & 30 August, 5 & 6 September, Noon to 1pm, 5pm to 6pm
Includes lunch or dinner (worth $18) + $16 and $20 Chinatown Complex & Food Centre and Sundries voucher

Sweet and sour pork is a classic Cantonese dish that cannot be missed
Photo: Facebook/hawkerdayout

Did you know that over 70 percent of the hawkers at Chinatown Complex & Food Complex are of Cantonese descent? Find out whether stone-ground sesame paste makes a traditional dessert tastes better and get a chance to taste a “off-the-menu” dish.

• Hawker Discovery

$10 per person
29 & 30 August, 5 & 6 September, 11am, 1pm, 2pm, 3pm, 4pm
Includes $6 Chinatown Complex & Food Centre voucher

Chinatown Complex & Food Centre is home to 226 food stalls
Photo: KimonBerlin/Wikimedia Commons

Learn the “strategies” of finding your favourite dishes in Singapore’s largest hawker centre and discover the famous and iconic food stalls that you cannot miss.


There will also be virtual food tours (except for Hawker Discovery) conducted via Zoom. While the stalls visited will be the same as the physical tours, the virtual session will have its own set of games and activities.

Sign up for the tours here.