Uniquely Vietnamese Souvenirs


As Vietnam offers a wide range of locally produced goods, you’ll definitely find something for family, friends or yourself. Here are some iconic items that will make perfect gifts or serve as a wonderful memento of your visit to Vietnam.

Ao dai

Vietnamese traditional dress

Bamboo dragonfly

Bamboo/paper fans

Bamboo flutes/xylophones

Brocade items

Bags, cushion covers, scarves, quilts, skirts, jackets)

Carved wooden stamps


Conical/straw hat

Do paper postcards/notebooks

Fish sauce

Guoc moc

Traditional wooden clogs

Handmade Vietnamese embroidery

Lacquer ware

Mother of pearl furniture/boxes/frames


Rice, silk, folk woodcut, watercolour

Pajama outfits

Ao ba ba

Pearl jewellery

Pop-up paper cards

Propaganda posters


Rice paper

Sand paintings

Snake wine


Silk lanterns

Photo: Nguyen Phuc Thanh/Shutterstock

Silver jewellery

Tailor-made clothing

Traditional fabrics

Linen, hemp

Vietnamese coffee beans/powder

War souvenirs

Coins, zippers

Wooden products