9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore


Mad about matcha? Singapore has plenty of places that offer the green tea powder in the form of straight matcha, lattes, ice creams, desserts, cocktails and more.

We found nine best places in the Lion City where you can get your matcha fix!

1. Hvala

  • Odeon 333 • 111 Somerset • 40 Craig Road • #B2-28 Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Hvala offers specially curated matcha and a variety of unique teas from various regions in Japan which are also available for sale.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Hvala
Photo: @hvala_sg / Instagram

Sip on crowd favourites like Matcha Hojicha Latte, Hojicha Goma Latte and Matcha Hojicha, while enjoying tea-infused desserts like Chaffogato (milk or matcha gelato with a shot of matcha or hojicha), matcha sorbet and Dairy-Free Waffles, served with Hokkaido milk or matcha°1 gelato.

2. Matchaya

  • #03-10A Takashimaya Shopping Centre • #01-01 CapitaSpring • #02-737 Suntec City Tower 3 & 4 • #B2-34 Changi Airport Terminal 3

Matchaya takes pride in its artisanal matcha offerings, sourcing premium tea leaves directly from Japan to ensure each sip and bite is packed with genuine flavours.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Matchaya
Photo: @matchayasg / Instagram

Must-trys include Cold Whisked Matcha Milk Tea, Gyokuro Ceremonial Tea and Signature Koicha Milk, made with ceremonial grade matcha. Pair your drinks with bakes like Matcha Almond Croissant and Hojicha Kouign Amann, or sweet treats like Uji Matcha soft-serve ice cream and Warabi Mochi.

3. Tsujiri

  • #01-74 The Central • #01-27 White Sands • #01-57 Sengkang Grand Mall • 124 Tanjong Pagar Road • #02-25/26 One Holland Village

Founded in 1860 in Uji, Kyoto, Japan, Tsujiri brings its rich heritage to Singapore, serving up an array of matcha-based beverages and matcha desserts.

From the traditional whisked O-Matcha to inventive creations like O-Matcha Kinakokuromitsu and O-Matcha Milk Float, each beverage is crafted with meticulous care to capture the rich and authentic flavours of pure matcha.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Tsujiri
Photo: @matchareviewsdxb / Instagram

Be sure to try matcha sweet treats like O-Matcha Chiffon Cake, O-Matcha Soft Ice Cream and its signature O-Matcha Parfaits.

4. KYŌ Kohee

  • #01-01 112 Robinson • #01-K1 Asia Square Tower 1

This specialty coffee and matcha house hopes to provide a balance of “slow and simple” to the hustle and bustle of everyday life through its quality brews.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - KYŌ Kohee
Photo: @dangimhungry / Instagram

Matcha lovers cannot miss the Matcha Okumidori Latte, Uji-Hikari Straight or Latte, Hojicha Latte and Houji Tea, while coffee fans must try the KYŌ Coffee, a refreshing blend of espresso, milk and a house-made caramel sauce.

5. Kurasu

  • 261 Waterloo Street #01-24 • 1 Grange Road #01-03

Kurasu brings a piece of Kyoto to Singapore through its meticulously prepared matcha latte and Japanese-style desserts. It also serves specialty coffee and a selection of beans for sale.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Kurasu
Photo: @avosluvr / Instagram

Kurasu stays true to its Japanese roots by offering the same coffee line-up as its Kyoto branch. Matcha enthusiasts can explore the curated selection of exclusive Japanese brewing gear. Sweet treats are limited as the focus here is the art of matcha, allowing you to fully appreciate the rich flavour and essence of the traditional tea.

6. Café Found

Inside The Editor’s Market at #B1-16 Takashimaya Shopping Centre

Nestled within retail store The Editor’s Market, the specialty coffee shop and gourmet café offers a selection of matcha beverages and desserts plus a selection of eats for brunch and lunch.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Café Found
Photo: @cafefound / Instagram

For matcha fans, there are crowd-favourites like Matcha Latte, Matcha Coconut Cold Foam, Sparkling Matcha, Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha Basque and Matcha Madeleines. Most of its matcha-based drinks and desserts are made with Niko Neko Matcha’s medium-bodied Ajisai matcha for smooth and subtle nuttiness in every sip, along with delicious hints of umami.

7. Nana’s Green Tea

  • #03-80/82 Plaza Singapura • #01-07 Guoco Tower • #01-38/39 Duo Galleria

For a full-on matcha immersion, head to this modern Japanese teahouse chain which offers a wide array of hot and cold matcha beverages made with its unique blend of matcha powder and a combination of techniques that date back to the Edo period.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Nana’s Green Tea
Photo: @nanasgreenteasingapore / Instagram

Matcha dessert lovers will not want to miss its fluffy Matcha Roll Cake, Matcha Tiramisu, Matcha White Chocolate Chip Cookie, brownie-like Matcha Chocolate Cake and Matcha Warabimochi Parfait, washed down with a classic Matcha Latte. If you’re feeling adventurous, go for unique offerings like Matcha Soda, Matcha Float with Mochi and Matcha Shiratama Frappe.

8. Maccha House

  • #02-20 PLQ Mall • #B1-172 Suntec City • #B1-40 Orchard Central

Maccha House is celebrated for blending traditional matcha with modern culinary techniques, offering innovative dishes alongside classic desserts and lattes. Its classic Matcha Latte and signature Maccha Tiramisu (a playful twist on the beloved Italian dessert) will certainly satisfy purists but Maccha House truly shines with its contemporary creations.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - Maccha House
Photo: @dtfoodaffair / Instagram

Here, matcha isn’t just limited to drinks and sweets. Adventurous foodies can tuck into savoury main courses infused with matcha, while health-conscious individuals can go for the lighter Maccha Chia Pudding. Those who can’t decide between a coffee break or a matcha moment, Maccha House bridges the gap with its unique Matcha Latte with Coffee Jelly.

9. 108 Matcha Saro

  • #B1-K5 Suntec City • #B4-70 ION Orchard • #B1-03D Bugis Junction • #02-K1 Tampines 1

Hailing from Hokkaido, Japan, 108 Matcha Saro is known for its freshly made Obanyaki (in flavours like classic red bean, matcha custard, double chocolate and red bean with warabi mochi), Warabi Mochi, Daifuku Mochi, Matcha Soft Serve and Mont Blanc Parfait.

9 Best Places to Satisfy Your Matcha Cravings in Singapore - 108 Matcha Saro
Photo: @108matchasarosg / Instagram

Whisked to perfection till bright green and frothy, its Matcha Green Tea is prepared with high grade matcha powder from Uji, Kyoto, Japan.

*This article has been edited and adapted with permission from Now Boarding by Changi Airport’s “9 best spots to grab a Matcha latte or dessert in Singapore